How can I see how many undeliverables were in my import?

You can easily find out how many subscribers from your latest import were undeliverable on the Manage Subscribers page of your account.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Login and visit the "Subscribers" section.

  2. You will need to add three select fields, totaling four select fields. You can add select fields by clicking on the "plus" button. Each time you press the "plus" button, a new select field will be added.

    Add new search

  3. Here, you'll want to set your first "Search Option" to "Add Method" is "Imported."

    Add Method search

  4. The next two select fields should identify the date of the import. The first should be "Date Added is on or before (Import Date)," and the second should be "Date Added is on or after (Import Date)."

    Date Added search

  5. Finally, set the last select field to "Undeliverable is True" then click "Search." This will pull up a list of every undeliverable address from that import.

    Undelierable search

    If you want to compare this against the number of total subscribers that you imported, you can find that number either by not using that last select field above, or by simply checking the bottom of the Import page.
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