How do I get notified of unsubscribe comments?

When our subscribers decide that they no longer want to receive our email and click on the unsubscribe link, it can be very helpful to receive feedback on why they made that decision.

Unsubscribe comments can provide us with information to improve our campaigns in order to help engage and retain our subscribers.

Step By Step Instructions

Under the "List Options" tab, choose List Settings.

Hover over List Options tab and click on List Settings

Scroll down and enter a name and email into the "Notifications" fields, and click the "Add" button.

Notifications section

Now, when someone unsubscribes and provides feedback as to why they are doing so, we will email that feedback to you.

Note: You will not be notified when someone unsubscribes silently (by not leaving any feedback when they unsubscribe). In addition, enabling "Notifications" for your account will also send you a notification each time a new subscriber joins your list.

As your list grows, you may find these notifications starting to pile up. In order to manage these, you may want to set up a filter in your email client that places these notifications in a separate folder. The notification emails always have a subject line that begins with:

AWeber Your-Unique-List-ID

If you want to filter unsubscribe and new subscription notifications separately, note that unsubscribe notifications always have a subject beginning:

AWeber Your-Unique-List-ID: This Lead Unsubscribed:

While new subscriber notifications have a subject that begin with:

Subscribers name, email address, and the list they are added to

Subject lines in email client for when a subscriber is added and unsubscribed

For more information about how to set up mail filters, please consult your email client's help documentation.

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