How do I edit the unsubscribe page?

The unsubscribe page is seen by subscribers who click the link at the bottom of your messages in order to stop receiving your email. While many visitors to this page will simply be leaving, it's good practice to make it clear to your subscribers who you are and why they'd want to remain on your list, and the unsubscribe page is literally the last place you can do that.

To see what your unsubscribe page looks like now, or edit the information that appears on that page, simply follow the instructions below.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Hover over the List Options tab and click "List Settings"

  2. The "List Description" is a sentence or phrase which you can use to remind subscribers what they signed up for. Again, make sure to click the "Save All Settings" button after any changes.




     3. Next, click "Personalize Your List" from the left hand side of the page.


        4. To edit the information on the unsubscribe page, scroll back up to the "Company Details"                        section. The company name will appear on that unsubscribe page, along with your logo, and                  a link to the website URL you provide.




       5. To view your unsubscribe page as it is now, scroll down to the "Subscriber Pages" section and                click the "View Unsubscribe Page."


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