How do I remove a Suppression List?

If you have ever suppressed subscribers from receiving broadcast messages, you may find the need to remove them from that suppression list eventually. Subscribers that are on your suppression list are not able to receive broadcasts that you send out.

Follow the instructions below for instructions on how to remove subscribers from your suppression list.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "Subscribers" page in your account, under the "Subscribers" tab. Then, click the "Subscriber Tools" tab, and select "Suppress Subscribers."

    Suppress Subscribers button

  2. You will now be on the "Suppress Addresses and Domains" page. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the "remove" button next to any email addresses that you wish to remove from the suppression list.

    Click Remove

    A popup will appears that reads "Remove suppressed email?" and you will just want to click the "Remove" button.

    Click Remove on the popup

  3. If you wish to remove all of the listed subscribers from the suppression just click on the button at that reads "Remove All."

    Click Remove All

    A popup will appears that reads "Delete all suppressed addresses?" and you will just want to click the "Yes" button.

    Click Yes in the popup

That's it! You have successfully deleted any suppressed emails you have selected. Those subscribers will now receive your Broadcast messages again.

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