How Do I Make A Segment Of Individual Subscribers?

When running your email campaign, you may come across certain scenarios where you will want to send a broadcast to a specific group of subscribers based on information that is not captured within AWeber.

An example of this would be if you are holding an event and you only want to send a message to the subscribers that attended the event. If you do not want to separate those subscribers into a separate list then you would want to segment out those subscribers within the list that they are already in.

The tricky part is figuring out how to segment those subscribers since they are already on your mailing list.

This is where segmenting your subscribers based on a note that you place in their "Additional Notes" field comes in handy. Follow the instructions below to see just how this is done.

Grouping Subscribers Though an Additional Note

  1. First, hover over the "Subscribers" tab and click on "Manage Subscribers."

  2. Now you will be on the "Manage Subscribers" page. On this page you will see a "Select Field" drop down menu. From that menu select "Email" and in the empty input field to the right of that type in a subscribers email address that you would like to add to the segment. Click the "Search" button.

  3. Below that you will see a search result for the subscriber that you searched for. Click on their name to display more information about them.

  4. Next, you will see the "Subscriber Information" for that subscriber. In the "Additional Notes" field type in a note that you would like to use to separate out the subscribers you are trying to segment. Once you have typed in the note, click the "Save" button.

    In this example, the note we are typing into the "Additional Notes" field is "Customer."

    Note: We recommend typing your note in all lowercase letters as subscriber searches are case sensitive.

Now that subscriber has been noted with the word you typed in for their "Additional Notes" field. Repeat the above process for any other additional subscribers that you would like to add to the segment. Use the same note that you used for the first subscriber in the "Additional Notes" field for any additional subscribers.

Creating the Segment of Noted Subscribers

  1. After you have noted your subscribers you will now want to create a segment of those subscribers. If you are not already there, navigate back to the "Manage Subscribers" page.

  2. From the "Select Field" drop down menu select "Additional Notes." In the empty input field to the right, type in the note that you used in the instructions above and then click the "Search" button.

    So for this example we will search for "Additional Notes" "is" "Customer."

  3. Once the search is complete it will show any of the subscribers with the word you specified for their "Additional Notes" field. Next to "Save As Segment" type in the name that you wish to use to identify this segment of subscribers. Click the "Save" button.

    In this example, we are naming our segment "My Customers."

Grouping Subscribers With a Tag

  1. Hover over the "Subscribers" tab and click on "Manage Subscribers."


  2. Then, check off the subscribers you would like to be tagged.


  3. Once you've checked off every subscriber you would like to add to your segment, enter the tag you want applied in the "Add Tag to Selected:" input field and click "Save".


  4. After you've saved, select "Tag" from under the "Select Field" drop down menu.


  5. Enter the tag you're using and click "Search".


  6. Now that you've searched for these subscribers, type in the name that you want to use to identify this segment of subscribers next to "Save As Segment". Click the "Save" button.


You have now successfully segmented out a custom group of subscribers from your main list. If you like you can now send a broadcast message to this segment.

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