How do I find subscribers that sign up through a particular form?

When subscribers sign up for your list through your sign up form, the name of your form is collected with the subscriber's information. Being that AWeber collects this data, you will be able to see how many subscribers sign up for your list through a particular form.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click on the "Subscribers" tab and choose "Subscribers." From the "Search Option" drop-down menu, select the option for "Ad Tracking."

    Ad Tracking search

  2. Enter in the name of your sign up form in the third field box. Your form name will be need to be written in all lower case letters and spaces need to be written as underscores (_). For example, if your sign up form was called "Sidebar Form" you would conduct a search for "sidebar_form." Then, click "Search."

    Enter ad tracking value

  3. Listed below would be all subscribers who signed up for your list through that particular sign up form.

    Search results
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