How does AWeber's Customer Referral Program work?

When you join AWeber's Customer Referral Program, you are provided with a dedicated referral URL. It will look something like this:

You can also add your referral ID to the end of any page. For example:

Once you have this link, you'll be able to begin advertising AWeber to your network. Just make sure you have read and abide by our Customer Referral Agreement.

When a prospect visits your unique referral link, they will be directed to that page and your referral cookie will be added to their browser. The cookie will remain in the browser for 365 days, or until the potential customer manually clears out the cookies from their browser.

When they order an AWeber account, that referral information is submitted automatically with their order, and you earn a 30% referral payment on that sale.

Your referral payments are recurring for the entire time the customer account remains open. Since AWeber is a recurring service, each time that person pays an invoice for the next period of service you earn a referral payment on that payment as well. As long as they have their account, you earn referral payments for it!

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