How do I view my referral stats?

When people use your referral link to visit our site and/or purchase an account, we track this information for you, and you can view it in your advocate account.

First, login to your advocate account.

Next, go to your tracking page by clicking the "Sales tracking" tab.

Sales Tracking tab

Use the links on the left side of the page to see broader or narrower views of your tracking information, displayed on the graph to the right.

Tracking filters

There is also a chart that displays the numeric data from the graph. There are five columns in the chart. The first column shows the specific date. Tracking data is updated each day. The second column shows the number of hits on your advocate link. Hits show the total number of clicks on your advocate link. Hits also show the amount of pages that the prospect went through on after clicking your link. For example, if the prospect clicked on your link, landed on and then visited the "Features" page, that would count as two hits.

Advocate link hits

The third column shows the number of visitors. Visitors are the amount of unique individuals that clicked on your link. Visitors will usually be less than hits because someone may double-click on your advocate link or browse through multiple pages on, which will increase the total number of hits, but that individual will still count as one unique visitor.

Advocate link visitors

The last two columns show the total sales and sales per visitor. The commission rate for referrals is 30% of the life of the account. For example, if you got a sale from your advocate account and the customer signed up for AWeber Pro on the monthly package, then the "$ Sales" column would show $5.70--the total amount of commissions you got from that sale.

Total commissions

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