How do I know when I have a new Advocate referral?

When you refer a customer to us via your referral link, we will notify you via email.

To change the email address where we notify you

  1. Login to your advocate account.
  2. Click the "My profile" link at the top right of the page.


  3. Near the top of the page, you'll find your current email settings. You can change the email address we have on file here.


  4. Alternately, to the right, you can add an entirely new address with the green plus button, or change which address will receive these notifications by checking the box under the Billing column (addresses with that box checked will receive notifications when you make a sale).


  5. When done, click "Save Emails."

Note: you can always check your current referral payments by clicking the Referral Payments tab in your account.


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