How can affiliates benefit from AWeber's live webinars?

AWeber's Free Live Webinars provide an excellent opportunity for affiliates to promote a very valuable resource to potential customers that can lead to orders of our service.

Through the affiliate partnership, whenever a purchase is made, affiliates are credited a commission for that initial payment and any subsequent ones made on the account.

What Makes the Webinars So Valuable to Affiliates?

The Live Webinars are free, valuable resources readily available for affiliates to promote.  AWeber's Education Team offers a few different training sessions, each with it's own benefits.

How to Get Started Webinar

Some business owners who could really benefit from email marketing are hesitant to begin on their first campaigns.  Starting anything new from scratch can be intimidating, and using a new technology to market can seem like a big step.

Our How to Get Started webinar helps them get over these hurdles by:

Giving them confidence, demonstrating that there are only a few steps necessary to set up a profitable campaign
Walking them through a complete set up process from start to finish, with live video and audio from our Education Team with years of experience
Going beyond the step-by-step instructions to include strategic information, such as tried and true ideas for what to write in messages

By covering material that builds confidence and allowing time for questions at the end of each session, the prospects we see regularly on these sessions leave them more likely to try email marketing for their businesses.

If affiliates help prospective customers to attend these sessions, they benefit too.

Other Live Webinars

Since the affiliate partnership provides a recurring commission, an affiliate's success can be enhanced by the longevity of each referral's account.

In addition to the live sessions on getting a basic account set up, our Education Team also offers live training on things like:

How to optimize opt-in forms to get more subscribers
How to send effective email newsletters that maximize opens and clicks

These sessions help new and experienced customers enhance their campaign results in ways that keep them engaged with their accounts and as customers for the long haul.

How Affiliates Can Promote Live Webinars

There are two ways for affiliates to promote these live training sessions in ways they would be credited:

Providing prospects with a link to the webinar schedule page with an affiliate number

Like most pages found on our website, if a "?" is added followed by an affiliate number to the webinar schedule page, a cookie will be set in the browser of the visitor so that the appropriate affiliate is credited for any payments they make, whether it follows their webinar attendance or any later time.
For example, if your affiliate number was "000000", you would provide the following link:

...where "000000" is replaced with the affiliate ID.
Promoting the AWeber Test Drive

The AWeber Test Drive sends email messages with a wealth of value on setting up and effective email marketing campaign.  In it, we promote the webinars, with links to the up-to-date schedule page.

When prospective customers sign up for the Test Drive through an opt-in form published using the special HTML provided in the affiliate control panel, affiliates are credited with the referral, and any purchase made from that point would be credited to their account.

Affiliates receiving our email tips can also keep an eye their inboxes for information on specific webinars and how they can be leveraged to promote our email marketing service.

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