How can AWeber advocates benefit from AWeber's Blog?

AWeber's Marketing team maintains a blog that can be of great use to AWeber advocates looking to promote our service and earn payments.

What are the benefits of the blog?

Providing knowledgeable and easy-to-understand information is one of the best strategies for helping your prospective referrals learn more about how email marketing can benefit them. AWeber's blog is packed with information on all things email. With tips on digital marketing, list growth, monetization, and so much more, your referrals can learn everything it takes to become a successful online marketer in no time.

The blog is a particularly valuable educational resource on email marketing for our advocates:

  • The information is entirely free
  • It is regularly updated with relevant posts for business owners
  • It helps to keep your prospective customers engaged
  • It has information on a variety of topics relevant to anyone interested in the benefits of effective online marketing

How does this help boost my referral payments?

By continually educating and engaging prospective customers with relevant information, the blog can help build confidence in the benefits of AWeber, and give your referrals the guidance they need to be successful.

In turn, when they place an order, your referrals are ready to start building their business online immediately. The quicker a new AWeber customer can get their business up and running, the faster their list will grow, and the more referral payments you will receive.

How do I tag blog links with my advocate ID?

You can reach businesses who want to learn more about email marketing and AWeber by tagging links to our blog posts with your advocate ID. To do this, add "?id=XYZ" to the end of any link from our blog.

For example, if your ID is 99, you'll add ?id=99 to the end of any link from our blog. This would look like:

When we receive visitors through your advocateID-tagged links, we'll associate that visitor with your advocate account.

If they then sign up for an account (either on that visit, or on a subsequent one), you'll receive credit for that referral. When they upgrade from Free to Pro or they sign up for a Pro account, you'll start to receive commission: if you've referred 10 paid accounts in last 12 months, you'll receive 40% commission, if you referred 50 paid accounts in last 12 months, you'll receive 50% commission.

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