How can affiliates benefit from AWeber's Blog?

AWeber's Marketing Team maintains a blog that can be of great use to affiliates looking to promote our service and earn commissions.

What Are the Benefits of the Blog?

One of the best strategies for helping interested business owners to use the appropriate tools for online commerce is education.

The blog is a particularly valuable educational resource on email marketing for affiliates because:

The information published is offered entirely free
Its regularly updated information on topics relevant to business owners keeps prospective customers engaged
It has information on a variety of topics relevant to any business owner interested in the prospects of effective online marketing

How This Helps Affiliate Boost Commissions

By educating and engaging prospective customers with information over a period of time, the blog can help to give them the confidence they feel they need to effectively market.

In turn, when they place an order, their referring affiliate is credited for the sale along with any additional recurring payments made on the account, and with suggestions that help to maximize results, the blog helps to build lifelong customers that facilitate these repeat payments.

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