Where do I see my open and click rate stats?

Open and click through rates provide valuable information about your subscribers and their activity on your list. This can help you to determine if you are running a successful mailing campaign. The statistics for opens and clicks are found in different areas of your account for broadcasts or campaigns. To find out where to see your open and click through rates check out the helpful information below!

For Broadcasts

You can see information on your broadcasts on their QuickStats pages.

Just go to your "Broadcasts" page and click the subject line of the message in question.

Sent Message Subject Line.png

This will take you to the "QuickStats" page for that message, where you can see all sorts of information about your message.

Stats for your Broadcast will display

For Campaigns

Go to the "Campaigns" page and after clicking the "Preview" button, you will see those open and click rates for the corresponding message.

Campaigns Stats

By clicking on the Opened or Clicked percentage you can see additional details regarding the message.

Detailed Campaign Stats

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