How do I track the click through rate in my messages?

You can track the number of times that your subscribers go to the URLs in your messages by enabling "Click Tracking."

To Enable Click Tracking

Click tracking is enabled by default for all messages.

In broadcast messages, this can be seen in the "Message Options" section under "Broadcast Settings."

Click the check box next to Track Clicks

In campaign messages, click tracking is always turned on.

How Does It Work?

When you enable "Click Tracking," AWeber will automatically convert all URLs in your message to special tracking URLs.

Whenever subscribers click on one of your links, they go to that tracking URL, which records the click and immediately redirects them to the URL you entered in your message.

Where Do I View My Click Through Stats?

Go to your Reports page, under the "Reports" tab. On the left side of the page, you'll see list of available reports.

At the bottom of that list, choose the report depending on which type of message you want to see stats for.

View Broadcast totals or Followup totals

Your stats will appear in a graph and table to the right.

Quick Stats

To get a quick breakdown of your clicks for a particular broadcast, just go to the "Quick Stats" page for that message. First, click "Broadcasts" under the "Messages" tab. Next, click the subject line of the broadcast in question under the "Sent" tab.

Sent Message Subject Line.png

Now just click the "Clicks" tab at the top to see who has clicked on which links in that message.

select Clicks at the top of the graph

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