What statistics can I track for my opt in form?

Within your control panel, you can track several metrics to determine how well individual forms are performing within your account. You'll find these reports in two sections in your account: the "Sign Up Forms" section and the "Reports" section.

Sign Up Forms

If you go to the Sign Up Forms section of your control panel, you'll see a table with several columns, with some that report statistics about the effectiveness of each form.

Form stats

If you hover over the heading of each column, you'll find an explanation of those statistics. The descriptions for each column read as followed.


Displays the type of sign up form: pop-over, pop-up, lightbox, and inline (embedded into the webpage like a standard form).


The number of times this sign up form has been displayed to website visitors.


The number of subscribers who have signed up thru this sign up form.

Conversion Rate

The ratio of subscribers divided by unique visitors. Shows your unique conversion rate.

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