How do I set up Sales Tracking?

Once you have installed email web analytics on your website, you can quickly set up sales tracking (also known as goal tracking) as well, allowing you to see the actual revenue that your list is producing. Sales tracking requires two steps:

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To be able to properly track page visits a cookie is required. To receive this cookie, a subscriber will need to first visit the page through a link in the email. Once a subscriber has received this cookie, we can track a page visit regardless of where a subscriber came from. If a subscriber does not have this cookie, we won't be able to track their page visit.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click the "Reports" tab and click "Tracking." The, scroll down to the "Sales Tracking" section. The first field here is "Goal Web Page URL." Enter the URL where someone is sent to after they place an order.

    Goal Web Page URL

    Note: This should be the URL of a page that people ONLY visit immediately after they order. Each hit to this page will be tracked as a sale.

  2. Next up is "Goal Description." This is a note you can add to the sale - for instance, if you are offering two different products, you could note that here. If you are not sure what to put here, something simple like "Purchase" is fine.

    Goal Description

  3. The "Event Type" section has a drop-down menu - most of the time you will want to select "Sale" as the type of event, but you can also use this feature to track page hits or other events.

    Event Type

  4. Finally, under "Monetary Value," simply enter the amount in dollars that each sale is worth. Make sure that you have at least some positive value here so that your sales will show up on your QuickStats page.

    Monetary Value

  5. Click the "Add" button to start tracking your sales.

    Click Add

Once sales tracking is setup, you will be able to view your revenue you are collecting from your "Reports."

Sales report

If you want to set the value of your sales dynamically, you can do so using either query strings in the URL of the order confirmation page or with some additional Javascript work. Advanced users take a look here.

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