How do I see who has opened my message?

If you would like to see who exactly is opening your messages, you can quickly find out using our "Search" feature. Once you've found who has opened your messages, you can export those subscribers, or save them as a segment to send a broadcast to later.

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For a Broadcast

You can easily see who has opened a broadcast by checking its QuickStats page.

Hover over the "Messages" tab and click Broadcasts.

Hover over Messages tab and click Broadcasts

Click on the subject line of the broadcast in question (under the Sent Broadcasts section).

highlighted subject line of recently sent Broadcast

This will take you to the "QuickStats" page for that message, where you can see all sorts of information about your message.

QuickStats graph for selected Broadcast

Then if you scroll down on the "QuickStats" Page, you'll see the list of subscribers who have opened your message - opens is the first option on the page, and is enabled by default.

For a Follow Up

  1. Hover over the "Subscribers" tab and click Manage Subscribers.

    Hover over Subscribers tab and click Manage Subscribers

  2. On this page, select "Message opened" from the first "Select Field" drop down menu.

    Message Opened chosen from Select Field drop down menu

  3. Now, click in the empty field to the right of "Message opened" and click "Follow Ups".

    Follow Ups hyperlink highlighted

  4. Click on the subject of the message you're interested in.

    List of Follow Up Series message subject lines

  5. Finally, click "Search." All your subscribers who have opened that message will be displayed below.
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