What reports are available for my lists?

Keeping track of your list and the subscribers on it is an important part of managing your lists. The "Reports" page in your AWeber account is a great place to see all sorts of statistics on your list's performance, from subscription numbers to click through rates.

Note: these features are not accessible on the AWeber Free plan. Upgrade your account to unlock this feature and many more by clicking here, or by contacting our Customer Solutions team.

Further instructions on how to upgrade your account if needed can be found here.

Where to Look

One great way to see a bunch of information about a broadcast you sent recently is to take a look at the Quick Stats for that message. Just click Broadcasts under the "Messages" tab.

Here, click the subject line of the message in question under the "Sent" tab.

Click the subject line

For a more comprehensive overview of reports for your account, choose Reports under the "Reports" tab.

Reports tab

Here you will see a graph/chart to the right, with a number of options to choose from on the left. Each option can be clicked to bring up a different set of data on the right.

What are the Options?

The first set of choices on the left (under "Account Reports") allow you to view statistics for your entire account. If you have several lists, this is a quick way to look at what opens, clicks, or sales you have obtained at a glance.

Account reports section

Below is the "List Reports" section. This contains the bulk of the information about what is going on in your list. The first few options here allow you to view your list's messages' performance overall - opens or clicks over time for all of the messages on that list.

List reports section

Moving down the page, you can see information about who is joining your list over time. "New Subscribers" will display only the number of new subscribers per day, week, or month, while "Subscriber Growth" will show the total size of your list.

Subscriber reports

Next, you can drill further down on how people are joining your list, seeing how they were added (i.e. via a sign up form or import), if and when they verified, and also what "Ad Tracking" values you assigned.

Additional subscriber reports

Farther down, you can view information on where your subscribers signed up from. This information is obtained based on their IP address, so general locations (i.e. State or Country) will be more reliable than specific ones (City).

Geographic data reports

You can also see how far along your subscribers are in your follow up series, as well as seeing which messages most people unsubscribed after by clicking "Follow Up Status" for subscribed or unsubscribed members of your list.

Follow up series reports

Finally, you can view the performance of your messages with the "Totals/Percentages" options at the bottom for your follow ups and broadcasts. These will show you how many people are opening your messages and clicking on your links.

Broadcast and follow up totals

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