How do I see who has clicked a link in my message?

If you would like to see who exactly is clicking on links in your messages, you can quickly find out using our "Search" feature. Once you've found who has clicked those links, you can export those subscribers, or save them as a segment to send a broadcast to them later.

Note: If no subscribers have clicked a link in the message, then the link will not appear as an option to be selected.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click the "Subscribers" tab and select "Subscribers." Then, select "Link clicked" from the "Search Options" provided.

    Link clicked search option

  2. Now, click in the empty field to the right of "Link clicked" and choose "Broadcasts" or "Campaigns".

    Select a message type

  3. Under the subject of the message in question, click the link that you are interested in tracking.

    Select the link

  4. Finally, click "Search." All your subscribers who have clicked that link will be displayed below. If needed, you can create a segment of these subscribers using tags, too.
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