How can I set the value of my sales dynamically with Sales Tracking?

With our email web analytics and sales tracking features set up, you can capture a lot of data about subscribers' actions when they visit your website. While our default sales tracking tools are powerful, some users may want to dynamically change the information that is recorded about a sale event - especially if you have many products all purchased from the same page.

Note: this feature is not accessible on the AWeber Free plan. Upgrade your account to unlock this feature and many more by clicking here, or by contacting our Customer Solutions team.

Further instructions on how to upgrade your account if needed can be found here.

Using URL Profiles

You can create a custom URL profile to work with your sales tracking setup, allowing you to use a query string to specify the details of each page hit. If you are not sure what this means, or why you would want to do this, you might want to first look into our sales tracking feature or simply show this page to your web designer.

  1. Under the "Reports" tab, click "Tracking."

    Tracking tab

  2. Scroll down to the "Sale Tracking" area, and click the "Default" link under the URL Profile column.

    Click Default

    Note: If you have not done so already, you will need to set up basic sales tracking first.

  3. In the popup that appears, from the drop-down menu labeled URL Profile, choose "Add New Profile." Then, some new fields will appear.

    Select Add New Profile

  4. In the "Profile Description" field, give this profile a name (this is just for your reference).

    Add a profile description

  5. In the next field, enter the parameter that will set the monetary value of the sale.

    Enter a parameter

  6. Finally, enter the name of the parameter that will provide the note for the sale (for instance, the name of the item that was sold).

    Enter a parameter note

  7. Once you're done, click "Save" in the popup, then click "Save" back on the "Settings" page.

From the images above, the monetary value parameter was "hatcost" and the note parameter was "hattype," so if someone was sent to my order confirmation page with this URL:


The sale would be recorded as worth $19 and being a sports sale.

Without Using URL Profiles

You can also use a little bit of Javascript to tell your analytics to use custom values for your sales tracking.

To do so, simply copy the Javascript below and place it on your order confirmation page, just above the other AWeber analytics javascript.

Have your order system insert the appropriate values to replace "MONETARY VALUE" with the value of the sale, "SALE DESCRIPTION" with the note (such as the name of the product that was sold).

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