How do I change how my opens and clicks are displayed?

You can view stats data for the two most recently sent broadcasts in your dashboard and on the broadcasts page. These stats include open, clicks, bounces, and complaints. Your dashboard will display all opens, clicks, bounces, and complaints as percentages and integers, but you can toggle between the percentage and integer on the broadcasts page.

In this article, we are going to walk through the steps to view the stats information and change the opens and clicks from percentages to integers.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click the AWeber Logo in the top left to go to your account dashboard.

  2. On the home page of your account you will see a headline for "Sent Broadcasts." This will show the last two broadcasts that were sent from your account. Both the percentage and number of opens, clicks, bounces, and complaints will display in this box. The percentage is the number on top and the integer is on the bottom.

    Last two sent broadcasts display

  3. You can view more detailed information by clicking on the subject line of the message, which will take you to the QuickStats page. To view all of your sent broadcasts, click "View all sent broadcasts for current list."

    Click the subject line of message for more data

  4. After clicking the link, you will be brought to the broadcasts page of your list. To the right of each subject line, you will see "%" and "#" icons. To view your opens and clicks as a percentage you will want to click on the "%" icon.

    Broadcast stats displayed as percentage and numbers

  5. To view your opens and clicks as an integer you will want to click on the "#" icon.

    Click the # icon to show integer

Congratulations! You have now changed how your message stats are displayed.

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