Why personalize my messages?

Do you open and read postal mail that comes to you addressed "Current Resident"?

Not likely.

Much of the power of personalization lies in the fact that people are simply more likely to read email that addresses them by name.

Also important is the fact that personalization features help make your messages more useful to your subscribers.

Take, for instance, the case of Carrie Customer and her mailing list.

Carrie found that, when people on her mailing list had questions about their subscriptions, they often couldn't give Carrie the information she needed to help them. So, Carrie added several lines to the bottom of each message listing subscription information for each subscriber.

Now, when Sam Subscriber needs to make changes to his subscription, all the information he needs is right at the bottom of the last message he received from Carrie: 


This mailing list is sent only to subscribers. My records
indicate that Sam Subscriber subscribed on December 24, 2000
with the e-mail address sam@samsubscriber.com.

Questions? Comments? Reply to this message.

Here is how that part of the message would look in our message editor with the personalizations inserted:


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