How do I personalize my messages?

Personalization fields allow you to include information specific to individual subscribers in your messages.

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Step by Step Instuctions

  1. When editing a message, you can insert a personalization field by first selecting the block in which you'd like to add the personalization.

  2. Next, in the toolbar above the editor, click the "Personalize" button.

  3. This will provide a drop down menu where you can select which personalization value you would like to add to your message.

    See a list of what you can personalize.


Tips And Tricks For Better Personalization

Since you may not have captured the names of every one of your subscribers, you need to be careful how you use name personalization in your messages.

Always make sure that your message makes sense even if there is no name to insert. Be especially careful with commas and other punctuation.

For instance if you type a greeting line as:

Hello, {!firstname_fix},

Then a subscriber whose name you don't have would get a message that started out:

Hello, ,

Looks strange, doesn't it? To eliminate the odd appearance of the extra comma, only use one comma:

Hello, {!firstname_fix} 

This way John Doe's e-mail will read:

Hello, John

A subscriber whose name you don't have will get an e-mail that starts:


Much better.

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