How do I delete a Legacy Follow Up message?

Hover over the Messages tab and click Legacy Follow Up Series.

Click Legacy Follow Up Series

Click the "Delete" link below the message you want to delete.

click delete

You'll be prompted to confirm this deletion, click "Delete" to remove the message.

red Delete button

When you delete a legacy follow up, any legacy follow ups that come after it in your message sequence will be moved up. This can result in someone not getting one of the messages in your sequence.

For example, let's say you have 3 messages and delete the second one, now the last message is #2.

If I'm on your list and I was sent your old message #2, but you then deleted it before I got #3, now I won't get that message, because it's no longer in the #3 position, and I've already received a message numbered 2.

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