What wait intervals does AWeber suggest for autoresponder messages?

Your message intervals are something that you should experiment with to see what works best for your subscribers. You also want to make sure you're sending at a rate that your subscribers are expecting.

General Guidelines

In general terms, you should email your subscribers more often at first, when they've just recently requested your information, and not as often later, as they've already received a number of messages from you and are more likely than new subscribers to feel that you're mailing too often.

If you're not sure where to start with your intervals, try using the guidelines below. Be sure to later test different intervals to determine what timeline best suits your subscribers.

 Message Number  Recommended Interval (Days)
 1  (sent automatically)
 2  1-2
 3  3-4
 4  4-9
 5  5-15
 6  9-30
 7  30+
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