How Do I Create A Broadcast Split Test?

Broadcast Split Tests are a good way to test different versions of a message to see which gets the best response. We'll randomly sort your subscribers into up to 4 groups so that you can send a slightly modified version of your message to each group.

Typical Differences Used in Split Tests:

  • Subject line of the message
  • Link / Call to Action location or wording

The goal of Split Testing isn't to send two to four totally different broadcasts to different subscribers. Use it to learn about how your subscribers react to different elements of your messages so you can more effectively reach them.

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Step by Step Instructions

  1. Go to your "Broadcasts" page, under the "Messages" tab.

  2. At the top of the page, underneath the "Create A Broadcast" button you will want to click on the "Create a Split Test" link.

    Note: Split Test Broadcasts can only be created for lists that have at least 100 active subscribers. If you don't have that many, you're not going to get statistically significant results. 

  3. Next, you will see a page where you can set certain settings for your split test. From the first drop down menu on the page you will want to select the number of messages you want to utilize for your split test.


  4. You will now see options for what percentage of subscribers you want each of those messages to go to. You must make sure that the percentage of subscribers adds up to a total of 100% for your messages combined. For example, in the below screenshot we have a split test set for two messages where each message is going to 50% of the list.


    Below where you set the percentage of subscribers to send each message to, you also will select which message editor those messages would be created in.


    Once you are done configuring your split test settings just click the "Save Split Test" button at the bottom of the page.


    This will create the number of broadcast messages that you chose in step 3 for you to edit. It will split up your subscriber list into randomized groups (using the percentages you provided).

  5. You should now be back on the "Broadcast Messages" page. At the top of this page, underneath your broadcast "Drafts" you will see broadcasts with the subject line "Insert Your Subject Here" and below those subject lines it will say what percentage of the subscribers those messages will go to. In the below example you will see how this would look if we used the settings set in step 4.


    To edit each broadcast that was created by the split test, simply click on the subject line of the broadcast in question. You will be able to edit the content of the message at the message editor.

    At the "Publish" section of the Split Test Broadcast, you will see the split test listed under "Send To Segment". Make sure this is not changed otherwise the split test will not work. You can also see the percentage you choose by clicking on the segment chosen to send to.

Split Test Broadcasts only work within the list you create them in. So you will not be able to use the "Include/Exclude Lists" feature while split testing.

Also, note that you cannot send to another segment while split testing a message - split tests are sent to randomly selected potions of your entire list based on the percentages you choose.

Note: The split test feature will create new broadcasts for your split test. If you would like to use content from an existing broadcast simply save that broadcast as a template and then load that template into one of the broadcasts created by the split test.

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