How do I reorder my messages?

Reordering your follow up messages is a simple drag-and-drop process.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, make sure you've gone to your Follow Up Series page. To access this page, hover over the Messages tab and click Legacy Follow Up Series.

    Click Legacy Follow Up Series

  2. Next, hover your mouse over the message you want to move in your series. (We recommend hovering your mouse over the movement indicator to the left of the follow up number).

    hover your mouse over the message you want to move

  3. Click and hold down your mouse button. Drag the message to where you want it to be placed in your series.

    drag message to place you want in series

  4. Once you release the mouse button, your follow ups will be reordered! 

    once you release the message, it will re-order automatically

Note: Moving follow ups while your subscribers are in the middle of your sequence may cause someone to miss a message or receive one twice. We track which message to send someone based on the message number.

So, if you move a message from 2 to 3 as shown above, and someone last received your message #2, they'll never be sent the message with subject "Excellent email marketing tips for your small business" because now it's your new message #2 (and the person has already received follow up #2).

Instead, they would receive the message with the subject line "Widget World Newsletter" because it's now in the #3 position of your series.

If you have any other questions regarding this please contact our customer solutions team! 

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