How do I add attachments to messages?

You can attach up to one megabyte (1 MB) to any message you send out through AWeber. Many customers use this to send PDFs and other small files to their subscribers.

Before You Attach A File

Keep in mind that attachments are, in and of themselves, potential risks. Due to the large number of viruses circulating on the Internet, email filters are more likely to prevent delivery of a message that has an attachment.

A good alternative to attaching a file to your message is to place the file on a page of your website, and then provide a link to that web page within your message body.

Also, the name of the file can not be more than 100 characters long (less than 1 MB).


AWeber has partnered with Digioh, a digital download distribution service. This allows you to avoid both the 1MB attachment limit and the deliverability problems associated with attaching files to your messages directly. They're integrated with AWeber, so you can up and running in no time.

Sign up for a free Digioh account

Adding An Attachment

When editing a message, you can find the "Attachments" option located in the Message settings on the right side of your screen.

Attachments section in message settings

In the case that you don't see your Message settings because you have another element selected, just select the blue "Message" text above your currently selected element.

Navigating to Message settings

Clicking on "Browse files" or "Add" will open a window for you to select the file you wish to attach.

Click Browse Files or Add

Once you've added your attachments, they will appear in the upload area. You can view or delete them from the message here.

Attachment located in upload area

Now, just save and send your message as normal, and your file(s) will be attached.

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