How do I send a Broadcast to part of my list (A Segment)?

By default, broadcast messages will be sent to all of your active subscribers in your current list. However, you can send a broadcast to only part of your list (which we refer to as a segment).

We have some pre-made segments which match the By Date ones on your Manage Subscribers page and you will also be able to send to saved segments you have created.  This guide will walk you through the steps to send to a segment.

How to send a Broadcast to a segment

  1. From the Drafts page, like if you were sending a normal Broadcast, click "Send Options" and "Schedule a Broadcast".


  2. Under the "Who should receive this message?" section, click the "Edit" button.


  3. From the dropdown box that will appear, you can choose your saved segment.


  4. Then click "Apply" to save that change.


Once you make any other changes to scheduling and social sharing, you can schedule your broadcast as usual.

Note: If sending to a segment and also including additional lists, that segmenting rule will be applied to those included lists too.

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