How do I check my messages for content filtering issues?

AWeber uses a content filtering tool called SpamAssassin™ to help you avoid content filtering. This tool is widely used by ISPs to filter incoming email.

How Does SpamAssassin™ work?

SpamAssassin™ uses a set of predefined rules to assign a point score to incoming email messages. Each user may configure the software differently but generally if your score exceeds 5 it will be filtered as spam.

We've integrated the SpamAssassin™ scoring system into your account so that when a message is saved you see the score that SpamAssassin™ has assigned to it under the Drafts page.

Click Spam Score under the subject line of your draft

And the Follow Up Series page.

Spam Score highlighted for Legacy Follow Up Series message

By clicking on that score you can instantly view the content in your messages that are triggering the SpamAssassin™ ruleset.

That way, you can edit your messages as needed to minimize the effect of filters on your campaigns!

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