How Do I Schedule Broadcasts?

You can create broadcast messages and have them sent at a specific date/time. We'll send the message without you having to login to your account again to send it.

Instructions for AWeber's drag and drop email builder are below. Instructions for the previous version of the editor are further down the page.

Schedule A Broadcast To Be Sent At Specific Date/Time

Create or edit your broadcast at your Broadcasts page, under the "Messages" tab.

While editing the message, click "Publish" at the top of the editor.


To schedule your message to go out on a future date/time, click the "Schedule For Later" button or just switch the button on the scheduler to "ON".


Here, use the calendar to choose the date you'd like your message to be sent. You'll be able to see the dates some notable holidays, as well as days you've scheduled other messages to be sent. Just click on the date that you would like the message scheduled for. On that date you can choose the time you would like the broadcast sent.


You can also set the time zone for when you want your broadcast to be sent by clicking on the "Change" link next to the current time zone selected. 


A drop down menu will then appear that you can use to change your time zone.


Once you have a date, time, and time zone selected just click on the "Set" button to schedule the broadcast the be sent at that time.

If you've scheduled your message to be sent on a specific date, the button to save and schedule the message will read something like:


To schedule your message to go out immediately, you will need to ignore the "Scheduler" option and click the "Save Message" button.


You will be taken back to the Broadcasts page where you can click the button for "Send Now" and the message will be sent.


Using AWeber's Previous Editor?

Once you are editing an individual message, scroll down to the Schedule section. By default, the broadcast will be set to send immediately after you queue it.

To send it at a specific time in the future, just choose "Send Later."


You can then use the "Send On" dropdown menus to set the date/time you want the message to be sent.


Save your broadcast by clicking "Save Message." The broadcast will automatically be sent at the date/time you specify.

After you set the message to be sent, if you change your mind or need to edit something in it, scroll down to your Scheduled broadcasts and click the "Cancel" button to the right of the broadcast to prevent it from being sent. The broadcast will be moved back to the "Drafts" section where you can edit it further.

If you wanted the broadcast message to be sent immediately, click on the option for "Don't Use Scheduler".


Once complete, click the "Save Message" button. You will be taken back to the Broadcasts page where you can click the button for "Send Now" and the message will be sent.


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