How do I schedule broadcasts?

You can create messages and have them sent as broadcasts at specific dates/times. We'll send the message without you having to login to your account again to send it.

Step by step instructions

  1. To access your created message, hover over the Messages tab and click Drafts.

    Click Drafts

  2. For the message you wanted to schedule, click the "Send Options" button and select Schedule a Broadcast.

    Schedule a Broadcast option chosen from Send Options drop down menu

  3. If you wanted to share your message, click the "Edit" button for the sharing section.

    blue Edit button

    On the Broadcast Settings page, you can choose whether or not to archive your message using the Broadcast Archive check box.

    Broadcast Archive section

    Then, if sharing is on, you can choose to tweet the message or post the archive link to your Facebook page using the Social Media section.

    Social Media section

    When you're satisfied, click "Apply".

  4. Under Who should receive this message?, click "Edit" to select the segment of subscribers you would like to receive the message. Here, you can also include/exclude other lists.

    Who should receive this message? section

    When you're satisfied, click "Apply".

  5. To schedule your message to go out on a future date, click "Edit" under the "When should this message be sent?" section.

    blue Edit button

  6. Here, use the calendar to choose the date you'd like your message to be sent. You'll be able to see the dates, some notable holidays, as well as days you've scheduled other messages to be sent. Just click on the date that you would like the message scheduled for. From the left hand sidebar, you can choose the time you would like the broadcast sent.

    When should this message be sent? section

  7. Once you have a date, time, and time zone selected, click the "Apply" button to schedule the broadcast the be sent at that time.


  8. To add automations to your Broadcast, click the blue "Edit" button located under the, "Do you want automations?" section.

    Do you want automations? section with blue Edit button

    In this section, you can choose to add or remove a tag if a subscriber has opened your message.  Also, all of the links in your message will be displayed. You can choose to add or remove tags when a subscriber clicks on certain links in your message. Once you have applied or removed your tags, click the blue "Apply" button to save your changes. 

    Do you want automations? section

  9. When you're done, click the "Send Message Now" button for your message to be sent immediately.

    green Send Message Now button and gray Cancel button

    If you've scheduled your message to be sent on a specific date, the button will be listed as "Schedule Message for [specific date you've selected]".

    green Schedule Message For button and gray Cancel button
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