How Do I Archive My Broadcast Messages?

You can easily archive all of your previously sent broadcasts with the "Broadcast Archive" feature. This feature can allow visitors to access your previously sent messages and even sign up for your mailing list if they aren't already subscribed!

Archive A New Broadcast

  1. When editing your broadcast, click on "Sharing" right above the editor.

    Here, make sure the sharing switch is set to "ON." A link for your archive is found in this section.

  2. Put that link on your site, in your emails, and anywhere else you want people to access past broadcasts. Your broadcasts will be listed on that page, beginning with the most recently sent one:


  3. Click on the subject line of any archived message to bring up a full copy of that email. If you create your emails in HTML, all images and even your template will display in the archived message.


    By default, your archive will include a sign up form for visitors to fill out so they can be added to your mailing list. There will also be a link that lets your subscribers follow you on Twitter.


    This link will appear after you save your Twitter account login and password on the broadcast edit page.
  4. If you do not wish to include your sign up form or Twitter link in your archive, you can disable them.

    First, go to the "List Options" tab and click on "List Settings."

    From the left hand side of the page, click "Personalize Your List". From there, look for the "Broadcast Archive" settings.

    Un-checking the boxes will disable your sign up form in the archive and/or your Twitter link:

Archive A Sent Broadcast

  1. On the Broadcast page, under the "Sent" broadcasts section, click the subject line of the broadcast that you want to archive.

  2. This will take you to the "QuickStats" page for that broadcast. Just scroll down and click On under the "Broadcast Archive Links" header.

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