How do I save my Broadcast messages to my Newsletter Hub?

You can easily save your Broadcasts with the Newsletter Hub feature. This feature allows visitors to access your previously sent messages and even sign up for your mailing list if they aren't already subscribed!

The Newsletter Hub was previously named the Broadcast Archive. As of October 29, 2021, this has been updated. 

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Click the Messages tab and select Drafts.

    Drafts tab

  2. For the message you would like to post, click the "Schedule" button. You may also see Send Options, click that and select Schedule a Broadcast. 

    Schedule Button

  3. Next, click the "Edit" button for the sharing section.

  4. Select the toggle for "Post to Newsletter Hub."

    Newsletter Hub Toggle

That's it! Once your Broadcast message is sent, it will also be posted to your hub. 

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