How do I add a signature to my messages?

You can easily create a signature file and add it to the end of your messages. There are two methods for placing a signature in your messages that we will go over below.

Adding a Signature from Your List Settings

An advantage to inserting a signature through this method is that it will automatically append to the bottom of your messages. Should you ever need to change your signature, you can update it in one centralized location and it will update in all of the messages that it appears in. Also, you can change the location of the signature by using the signature personalization.

  1. First, go to your List Settings and select "Personalize Your List" from the left-hand menu options.

    Personalize Your List tab

  2. Enter your signature into the Email Signature box, then scroll down and click the "Save settings" button when you're done.

    Save settings Button

    And that's it! Now, what you typed for your signature under the "Personalize Your List" section of your account will appear at the bottom of your messages directly above your contact address.

    Example of Signature in Footer

  3. If you want your signature to appear in a different part of the message, you can accomplish this using the signature personalization variable. Click in the section of your text that you would like to add the signature to and then click the "Personalize" button in the toolbar.

    Personalization Menu

    Then, select "Your Snippets" from the dropdown menu and click "Signature."

    Click Signature

    You will see the signature personalization inserted into your message. Now, the signature will appear wherever you added the personalization. You can also edit the text if you want to change the formatting.

    Signature snippet text in message

Using the Signature Block

When using the Signature Block, you will be able to add an image to your signature.

  1. First, open up the message that you would like to add your signature to. Once the message is open, you will see the left hand sidebar with all of the different types of blocks you can place in your message. Click and hold on the "Signature" block to select it.

    Signature Block

    Drag the Signature block to the part of the message that you would like for it to appear in.

    Signaure Block in message

  2. Now that the signature block has been inserted, you can type in what you would like to appear for the signature. Just click in the text area of the signature to edit the text that is there.

    Signaure text selected to be edited

    If you would like to add your image to the signature, click the place holder image.

    Image placeholder of signature selected

    An "Image" menu will appear on the right side of the editor. Click the "Upload Image" button in that menu to upload an image to use for your signature from your computer.

    Image Upload Options

    And that's it! You now have a signature in your message with an image.

    Example of signauture with an image of a woman eating a sandwich aligned left

Note: If you type in a signature into the Personalize Your List area of your account, it will disable your ability to add an image to your signature using the "Signature" block and then that block will just populate what you have typed for the the signature under Personalize Your List.

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