How do I copy my Follow Up Series messages?

You can easily copy individual follow up and broadcast messages, or copy all of your follow ups at once. The copies can either be made within an individual list or they can go across your lists.

If your account was created after 02/03/2020, the Follow Up Series feature will not be present within your account as this feature has been deprecated. Creating an automated series of messages can be done with Campaigns.

Copying an Individual Message

This is useful when you send out messages with similar styles or content and just need to change a few details from one to the next. You can save your message as a template and then load that template in a new broadcast or follow up message within that same list or another list within your account.

  1. Locate the message that you would like to copy and open it up by clicking on it's subject line (on the Follow Up Series or Broadcasts page).

    Click the subject line of the message

    Note: If the message is an already sent broadcast, you will want to first copy the message within the broadcast message area for that list before creating a copy to move to other areas of your account.

    Copy broadcast to drafts

  2. Once the message you want to copy is opened, click on the "Save As Template" button located on the right-hand side of the message editor. This will be located under the "Message Properties" section.

    Click Save As Template

  3. Next, a box will pop-over the page for you to name your template. Add a name in the textbox and click "Save Template".

    Name and save the template

    Note:  We suggest keeping the template name short as it will be easier to read when choosing the template when loading it in your new message.

  4. To apply your custom template to another message, first open up the message that you want to create. Once the message is open, click the "Templates" button under the "Message Properties" section of the message editor.

    Click Templates

  5. Then click the "My Templates" tab and select the template that you just created. Once complete, click "Apply."

    Select your custom template and click apply

Copying All Messages Between Lists 

You can use our Follow Up Series Sharing feature to copy messages from one list to another. You can use this to set up a testing list where you tweak your messages before copying them over, or simply to duplicate messages and add a few changes for your new list.

  1. Choose the list you would like to copy the messages from the "Active List" menu.

    Active List menu

  2. Under the Messages tab, click "Follow Up Series."

    Follow Up Series tab

  3. On this page, scroll down to the Follow Up Series Sharing section, use the drop down to choose to share follow ups, broadcasts, or both, then click "Save."

    Enable follow up series sharing

  4. Scroll back down to the Follow Up Series Sharing area after saving and copy the Follow Up Sharing code that is provided.

    copy follow up sharing code

  5. Now, choose the list that you want to copy these messages to from the "Active List" drop-down menu.

    Select another list

  6. Finally, scroll down to the Follow Up Series Sharing area on this page and paste the code into the provided area next to the "Load Follow Up Series" button then click to load that series.

    paste your follow up series and then click load follow up series button

    Note: When you use Follow Up Series Sharing, any custom or global fields you previously set up will be overwritten. If you copy follow ups, any previously created follow ups in the list will be overwritten, so Backup Your Data before entering the Follow Up sharing code.
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