How can I have my blog's email newsletter sent shortly after articles are published?

Sometimes blogs are published to as often as several times per day. Other times, articles are published less frequently, perhaps only when a new product is launched, an event is upcoming, or a major announcement is made.

While sending a regular digest of articles is often an appropriate option for blogs with frequent updating, there is often a stronger urgency to get out material quickly that is published on a more spread out schedule.

Whatever the reason, scheduling blog email newsletters to be sent shortly after articles are published is simple.

Scheduling Blog Email Newsletters For Quick Sending

Go to the Blog Broadcast page and either create a new or edit an existing blog broadcast.

Scroll down to the "Send Preferences" settings and review them.

By default, the "Send Broadcast" drop-down box should read "Immediately", while the the first radio option just beneath should be selected with "1" new item set:
If you've changed any of these settings, reset them to what is described above.

You'll also want to make sure that the "Send Automatically" box is checked, otherwise messages will need to be queued manually within the control panel before they are sent.

How it Works

Once you set up your blog broadcast with this scheduling, your blog's RSS feed will be checked frequently.

When a new article appears, a new broadcast message is created and is immediately sent to your subscribers.

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