Why are my old blog articles appearing in Broadcasts?

After setting up your blog broadcast, you may notice that messages created for articles you've previously published appear on the Broadcast page of your account.

This may come as a surprise, since you may wish for only new articles to be sent in email newsletters to your readers.

If this is the case, simply delete them. Rest assured that in no case will previously published articles be automatically sent to subscribers, regardless of whether or not you checked the "Send Automatically" box.

Why are these messages created?

The Blog Broadcast feature works by checking the RSS feed for your blog. If there are any new articles, they are either placed into a blog email newsletter, or they're set aside while we wait for a date to arrive or the number of articles you set.

When the feature is first set up, all articles in the RSS feed are seen as new, since we're checking the feed for the first time.

There are cases where someone would like to have some or all of these articles sent in a blog email newsletter, so we provide that option.

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