What's the difference between Legacy Follow Up and Broadcast messages?

You will have six options to choose from under the Messages tab in your AWeber account: Drafts, Broadcasts, Campaigns, Legacy Follow Up Series, Blog Broadcasts, and Email Template Manager. The five messages types would be Drafts, Broadcasts, Campaigns, Legacy Follow Ups, and Blog Broadcasts. Email Template Manager allows you to edit AWeber's templates, import your own template, or code your own template using our Theme Language.

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AWeber's email newsletter software allows you to easily create messages to send to your subscribers. When you create a message, it will be listed as a draft. After your message is saved as a draft, you can send your message as a broadcast or add it to your legacy follow up series.

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Broadcasts go out at specific dates and times, chosen by you when you create the message. Instead of setting an interval, you simply choose the send time of the broadcast, and it will go out to your list at that time. In addition, broadcasts can be sent to segments of your list, allowing you to target subscribers who are most interested in what you have to offer.

When should this message be sent? section

When would I use Broadcasts?

Broadcasts are an excellent way to make time sensitive announcements. Events, holiday emails, and the like are all great candidates for a broadcast message. Likewise, broadcasts are a good way to send weekly or monthly newsletters.

Learn more about creating broadcasts!

Legacy Follow Up Series

Legacy follow up messages go out in a sequential order to people automatically after they subscribe. Whenever you create a new legacy follow up message, you specify an interval which is the number of days that the system should wait before sending it. So for instance, if your second legacy follow up has an interval of 4, subscribers will get that message 4 days after the first legacy follow up.

Interval section

When would I use the Legacy Follow Up Series?

Legacy Follow up messages are a great way to welcome subscribers to your list, as well as deliver relevant content that will be valuable to your subscribers no matter when they sign up for your list. Answering common questions about your products and services is one example of a great use of legacy follow ups.

Learn more about creating legacy follow ups!

Blog Broadcasts

Blog broadcasts are actually not a third type of message, but rather a way to automatically create broadcast messages when you make a new post on your blog. If you are interested in using this feature, learn more about blog broadcasts here.

Hover over Messages tab and click the Blog Broadcast option

Which Kind of Message Should I Use?

As you can see above, both legacy follow ups and broadcasts are useful in different situations. Rather than simply creating either legacy follow ups or broadcasts, we recommend that you use them both together for best effect.


What if I have issues designing my messages?

Custom Template Design information

AWeber offers hundreds of templates you’re welcome to use! If you would ever find yourself wanting to modify an existing template or would like a custom template built for you to reflect your branding, our Template Team would be happy to modify existing templates or design a custom template for you!

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