What happens when I add a new Follow Up Message?

If you already have subscribers on your list, you may wonder what happens to them when you add a new follow up message to your list:

  • Are they sent that new message immediately?
  • Are they not sent that message at all, since they signed up before you created it?
  • Are they sent that message after they've been sent the previous message in your sequence?

The answers to these questions are different depending on the other follow up messages that you have.

If your account was created after 02/03/2020, the Follow Up Series feature will not be present within your account as this feature has been deprecated. Creating an automated series of messages can be done with Campaigns.

What If I Do Not Have Any Other Follow Ups?

If you don't have any follow up messages in your list and a subscriber signs up, we will automatically block them from receiving follow ups. If you view the "Last Follow Up Received" section of their subscriber profile, you will see that it is '1001 - Block from receiving follow ups.'

Last Follow Up Received drop-down

We do this to prevent any unfinished messages from sending out. In order to send the messages to these subscribers, you'll have to update the "Last Follow Up Received" number to 0. Once you do this, the subscribers will be sent the first message in your series.

What If I Have Existing Follow Ups?

When someone receives a follow up message from you, we note which message number they received. The next follow up they'll be sent is the one with the next-highest number in your sequence, so if they were last sent message #3, they'll be sent #4 next. If you don't have a #4 created yet, they won't get another follow up message until you do have a #4.

If your subscribers have already gotten all of your follow ups, and then you add another one, they will receive the new follow up.

When Will They Receive It?

When they receive it depends on three things:

  • When they were sent the previous follow up in your sequence.
  • What interval you set for the new follow up.
  • Whether and how you're using send windows for the message.

For Example

Let's say Joe was on your list when you only had three follow ups, and Joe got message #3 one week ago, so now he's gotten all of your messages. Then, you create a message #4, and you set it to be sent two days after message #3. Since it's been more than two days since Joe got message #3, we will send message #4 to him within a day of when you create it.

Anyone who got your message #3 less than two days ago will still have to wait the two-day interval before being sent message #4.

What If I Add Multiple New Messages At Once?

The first message you add will be able to be sent that day to anyone who already received the previous follow up at least X number of days ago (where "X" is your new message's interval).

Any subsequent messages you add at the same time will be sent based on the intervals you set for them, so if you have 3 messages, and add #4 and #5 with intervals of 4 days each, #5 will be sent to people 4 days after #4, not simultaneously with it.

What If I Am Adding a Message to the Middle of an Existing Series?

As mentioned above, we track the message number of the follow ups that your subscribers receive, and then send the next message in the series. If you change the order of the series by adding a new message, subscribers might be resent a previous message.

For Example

The easiest way to see this would be to look at a list with three messages. As in the example above, if Joe has already received all three, he would be set to receive message #4 next.

If you insert a new message between message #2 and message #3, however, the old message #3 becomes message #4 in the series, and Joe ends up getting the same message twice in a row.

What Do I Do About This?

In order to prevent this, you will need to change the message number that your existing subscribers are on. In the example above, it would be appropriate to change Joe's message number to 4, so that he would be set to receive message #5 next. You would do this through the "Last Follow Up Received" drop-down in the subscriber's profile.

Click here for instructions, or contact our support team for help with this!

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