What do the email templates look like?

There are more than 700+ templates to choose from when writing your email messages. You can select the template you wanted to use for your message and apply it into the message editor.

templates displayed in template gallery

Whether you're writing a personal letter to your subscribers or a designed newsletter, there is a template to suit your needs.

Template Examples

Here's a small sample of some of the templates ready to use for your email newsletters:

Default (Two column/Hero):

example of Default (Two column/Hero) template


example of Digest template

Blanche (Pet):

example of Blanche (Pet) template

Hector (Green):

example of Hector (Green) template

Mobile Examples

All of our templates are also mobile responsive. Here are examples of the same templates above, but with how they may look on a mobile device:

Default (Two column/Hero):

example of Default (Two column/Hero) template on mobile

Metro (Grey):

example of Metro (Grey) template on mobile

Hector (Green):

example of Hector (Green) template on mobile

Boxy (Forest):

example of Boxy (Forest) template on mobile

You can also check out some recent templates we've released, including larger screenshots and downloadable versions in our blog. You also can check out the email marketing template gallery. Browse through over 600+ email templates built to match your taste by visiting our Email Template Gallery.

What if I have issues designing my messages?

Custom Template Design information

AWeber offers hundreds of templates you’re welcome to use! If you would ever find yourself wanting to modify an existing template or would like a custom template built for you to reflect your branding, our Template Team would be happy to modify existing templates or design a custom template for you!

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