How do I exclude subscribers from a Broadcast?

In some special cases, you may need to send a message to a group of subscribers with some subscribers removed from the list of recipients.

Perhaps you have a list of specific subscribers you'd like to suppress from receiving a message or set of messages. For that, you can simply upload a suppression file or type those addresses in. But instead, you might have a whole list of subscribers you'd like to exclude from a mailing.

Why Use the Exclude Feature?

For instance, let's say you have two email campaigns running, one for customers of Product A, the other for Product B. Some subscribers to the Product A list are also on the Product B list and vice versa.

One day, you want to send a message to the subscribers of Product B to give more information about and cross sell the related Product A. But what about the people who have already purchased both products? They may be frustrated with getting information on a product they've already purchased.

By excluding a list from a broadcast, you ensure that anyone on that list will not receive the message, even if they are on the specific list(s) you are sending to. This way, we could ensure that anyone who purchased Product A would not receive an email.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. After you've created your message, click the "Schedule" button to send/schedule your broadcast.

    Schedule Button

  2. From the "Send Message" page, there is a section called "Audience" Click the "Edit" button in this section.

  3. Click the dropdown field for "Exclude These Lists" and select the lists you'd like to exclude when sending.

    Scheduler Exclude Lists.png

When using the exclude feature, will unsubscribes also be excluded?

By default, the system will not send a message to anyone unsubscribed from your list. If a subscriber happens to be on multiple lists in your account, and you send a broadcast message including one of the lists the subscriber is active on, the subscriber will receive your broadcast.

Note: Check "Exclude" only for lists containing subscribers you wish to remove from the mailing altogether. It is not meant to designate that you simply don't want to include a list. Don't check either option for those lists.

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