How can I add an additional unsubscribe link?

An unsubscribe link is appended to the bottom of each of the messages sent from your campaigns. If you wish to provide an additional option to unsubscribe (or change their details) to your subscribers, you can use a personalization field to do so.

Note: When adding extra unsubscribe links, the default unsubscribe link will still be placed at the bottom of your message with standard formatting.

Instructions for AWeber's Drag & Drop Email Builder are below.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. When editing a text area of your message, click so that your cursor appears where you would like the unsubscribe link to be. Then, look to the toolbar directly above the element you're working in and click the "Personalize" button.

    Personalize Dropdown is selected

  2. From the drop-down menu, select "Your Snippets" and click "Unsubscribe Link".

    Select Your Snippets, then Unsubscribe Link

    This will add a working unsubscribe link when your message is sent.

    You will see a working unsubscribe link populat that area

  3. You can also add hyperlink the additional Unsubscribe link to say something like "Click here to unsubscribe."

    Example of hyperlinking the Unsubscribe Link to text
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