How do I schedule when my Blog Broadcasts are sent?

Whether you'd like to send your email updates from your blog or website sent out on a specific day of the week, date of the month, once a specific number of articles has been posted, or a combinations of some of these options, flexible options are available for your campaigns.

Email newsletters created using the Blog Broadcast feature are sent according to your preferences and settings.


Step By Step Instructions

  1. When editing your blog broadcast, scroll down to the Send Time area (just below the message editor) and choose whether to have the messages sent at a specific time of day, or just immediately when the rest of your conditions are met.


    Keep in mind that the blog broadcast will send whatever new posts there are at the time you have chosen. If you make a new post five minutes after 11AM, but have chosen 11AM as your send time, that post won't be included in the day's broadcast.

  2. Just below the Send Time area, you can specify how often we send your blog broadcast.

    If you would like a broadcast to go out every time your blog has a certain number of posts, select "When number of new items is at least" then select the number of posts you would like to trigger a broadcast.


  3. If you'd like to have your message go out on certain days of the month instead, choose "On a specific day or days of the month."


    Note: You can choose to send based on weekdays ("Every Monday," "1st Wednesday"), or specific dates ("15th Day"). In addition, you can choose to add multiple days in a month by clicking the "Plus" button next to "Add Another Day..."

    If you want to use multiple days in a month, its a good idea to choose either weekdays (i.e. "1st Wednesday and 2nd Wednesday") or specific dates (i.e. "1st day and 15th day"), not both. Something like "2nd Wednesday and 15th day" could potentially occur in the same week, or even without a day between them.

  4. Check the Send Automatically box to have these broadcasts queued and sent out to your list immediately, or uncheck it to keep them in pending status so that you can manually queue them to be sent.


    Remember, if Send Automatically is unchecked, you will need to schedule your Broadcasts from Drafts.

  5. Once you're done, remember to hit "Save Blog Broadcast".
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