How can I track link placement in my messages?

By turning on click tracking for your messages, our system will track and report how many times each address in your message was visited by your subscribers.

But what if you to track how many times the same address was clicked on in different locations in your messages?

Why Track the Same Link?

To illustrate by example, imagine you have a message with a link to your website at the top, middle, and bottom sections of the body, like in the screenshot below:

Example message

You want to see where subscribers are clicking on that same link for either of these reasons:

  • To determine how far down subscribers are reading
  • To see which copy is most effective in driving traffic to your site

But if you turn on click tracking for the message, our system will aggregate the numbers and report the total number of times that address was visited from the three links. It won't segment them based on the location in the message.

How to Track the Same Address

In order to generate a report with the three locations separated, you can use "tags" to make the links slightly different without affecting their functionality.

Using our example, if our website's address were and each of our links pointed to that same address, we could change them to:

Link Modified Address

For your messages, all you need to do is add a # symbol and some kind of code you can identify on your reports page later.

Then, in your reports, you'll find a separate statistic for each of those links pointing to the same page.

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