How do I send messages to subscribers who opened a specific message?

If you'd like to send a message to only the people who opened a previous message of yours, it can be done in just a few steps.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Hover over the "Subscribers" tab and click "Manage Subscribers".

    Hover over Subscribers tab and click Manage Subscribers

  2. On this page, select "Message opened" from the "Select Field" drop down menu.

    Message Opened field selected in Select Field drop down menu

  3. Now, click in the empty field to the right of "Message opened" and choose "Broadcasts" or "Followups" depending on the previous message sent.

    Select A Message below section displaying Broadcast and Follow Up options

  4. Click on the subject of the message you're interested in.

    subject line of messages displayed

  5. Click the "Search" button. All your subscribers who have opened that message will be displayed below.

    subscribers who match the search criteria displayed

  6. Just above the list of subscribers, name this segment of your list and click "Save Segment."

    Save As Segment section with name of segment populated

  7. Now, when creating your broadcast, you will have a drop down menu in the "Broadcast Settings" section for "Send to Segment". Click on the name of the segment you have created.

    segment chosen from Send to Segment drop down menu in Schedule a Broadcast popup window

  8. Now, when your broadcast is sent, it will go out to everyone who opened the message selected from your segment.
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