How can I have broadcasts automatically published to Twitter?

Beyond its use for personal purposes, social networking provides a way for online professionals to share information and network with a wider audience. Reaching out to a wider audience through social networking can benefit your business and help grow your list.

Twitter lets you publish very short blurbs quickly and have them syndicated to people following your profile. Seeing the value of using this technology as a way to expand the reach of email newsletters, we've developed a feature that allows AWeber users to automatically post a tweet linking to a web version of any broadcast message.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click the "List Options" tab and select "List Settings."

    List Settings tab

    From the left-hand side of the page, click "Personalize Your List."

    Personalize Your List tab

  2. Scroll down on this page to the "Social Media Sharing" section and click the "Connect to Twitter" button.

    Click connect to Twitter

  3. This will take you to a page on Twitter's site where you can enter your Twitter login and password to allow your AWeber account to tweet for you. Just enter your information and click the "Authorize app" button.

    Authorize AWeber Email Marketing to use your account? Twitter page with username and password field

    Note: If you are already logged into your Twitter account, you may see the below image instead. Simply click "Authorize app." 

    Authorize AWeber Email Marketing to use your account? Twitter page with Authorize App button and Cancel button
  4. This will take you back to your AWeber "List Settings" page. You can scroll down to the "Social Media Sharing" section again, and you will see your Twitter account.

    Connected Twitter account

    Note: The first Twitter account that you connect will be the default automatically, but if you add another Twitter account in the future, you can click the "Make Default" link and all broadcasts from the list will be tweeted to that Twitter account instead (you can disable this for an individual broadcast manually). Each list can have its own default account.
  5. After you've created your message, click the "Schedule" button to access the settings of your broadcast.

    Click Schedule

  6. Click the "Edit" button for the sharing section.


  7. On the "Broadcast Settings" page, you can choose whether or not to post your message to your Newsletter Hub using the checkbox.

    Select the checkbox if your want to share the message to your newsletter hub

  8. Then, you can choose to tweet the message using the "Social Media" section. To do so, select your connected Twitter account from the drop-down menu.

    choose to tweet the message using the social media section

    Note: You can also choose to not tweet this message (useful if you set a Twitter account as your default), or even add a new Twitter account from this menu. Adding a new Twitter account works the same way here as it does on the "List Settings" page.

  9. Once complete, click the "Apply" button and proceed with the scheduling of your broadcast.
    Click Apply

How Twitter chooses the image that is shared:

  • First, Twitter will look at the first image file that in is your email. If it is larger than 300px wide, it will use this image when sharing the Broadcast. 
    NOTE: Twitter looks at the original size of the image. If you uploaded an image that was larger than 300px and then made it smaller in the editor, they would still use this image. If the image you uploaded was smaller than 300px and you stretched it to make it larger, Twitter would not use the image. 
  • If the first image in the Broadcast is smaller than 300px, or if there is not an image in the Broadcast, they will use the logo that is saved in your list settings. 
  • If you do not have a logo saved in your list settings, Twitter will use our default placeholder image.
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