Why aren't I receiving my test messages?

When you use our send test feature, a message is sent immediately upon your clicking the "Send a Test" button. The message you received as a test will be a replica of the email your subscribers would receive if your message is later sent as a Broadcast or Campaign.

Reasons for why you did not receive your test message

  • If you don't receive that test message immediately, it may be that your ISP (email service) is experiencing a delay in placing it in your inbox, something some services do routinely and intentionally.

  • If you don't receive the test message after a reasonable amount of time, it may be that your message is being blocked by your service provider.

  • Sending your test message too often? This can cause a problem that leads to not receiving further test messages. Sending a test message should be something you do periodically to see how your message looks before sending to your subscribers. Sending a test message too frequently can alert your provider to filter out messages being delivered too often. Email providers do this to prevent abuse from reaching their users inboxes.

What Causes It To Be Blocked?

Typically, this is as a result of the "From" and "To" addresses for the test message matching.

For example, you may have set the From/Reply Address for your list to be example@example.com and now you're testing to example@example.com.

What Can I Do?

In order to get that message through, you can take two approaches:

  • Ask your ISP to safelist AWeber.com's mail servers for all email
  • Send to a different test address other than the From/Reply
  • Be sure to verify your address in domains and addresses section of your account. Upon verifying your email, you will have no limitations when sending test messages to that verified email.
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