Why aren't I receiving my test messages?

When you use our test feature, a message is sent immediately upon your clicking the Send Test button.

If you don't receive that message immediately, it may be that your ISP (email service) is experiencing a delay in placing it in your inbox, something some services do routinely and intentionally.

If you don't receive the test message after a reasonable amount of time, it may be that your message is being blocked by your service provider.

What Causes It To Be Blocked?

Typically, this is as a result of the "From" and "To" addresses for the test message matching.

For example, you may have set the From/Reply Address for your list to be example@example.com and now you're testing to example@example.com.

What Can I Do?

In order to get that message through, you can take two approaches:

  • Ask your ISP to safelist AWeber.com's mail servers for all email
  • Send to a different test address other than the From/Reply

Note: this shouldn't be cause for concern in sending to your subscribers, as the "From" and "To" lines will always be different in each of those cases.
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