How do I add a send window to my Follow Up Series?

Autoresponders are sent based on intervals set in numbers of days. When the interval between messages has been reached for a subscriber, by default the next message is sent sometime that day, regardless of what day of the week it is.

The Autoresponder Send Windows feature provides more powerful control of autoresponder scheduling, so you can choose both days of the week and times of day you'd like to restrict your sending schedule to.

For example, you might judge that your best results would be achieved sending messages strictly on weekdays, between 9AM to 12PM. By using Autoresponder Send Windows, you can customize the scheduling to your preference.

Note: Whenever you set a specific send window in your message it will always read the interval first, then the send window. If you have an interval of 1 day the system will wait a full 24 hours first, then move on to read the specific send window you have set.

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Step by Step Instructions

  1. Create or edit a follow up message.

    Note: The first follow up message in your series, the welcome message, will always be sent immediately after subscription. This means that send windows do not apply to the first follow up message in a series. When following these instructions, create or edit an additional messages in the series.
  2. Once you've successfully added your message to your follow up series, click "Settings" underneath the message subject line to apply a send window.

    Click Settings under the subject line

  3. From the "Follow Up Settings" page, you can choose to have your follow up message sent only on certain days of the week. By default, each day of the week will be selected for a send window, but if you wanted to remove certain days of the week from your send window, click the day you wanted to remove. If the day is listed in blue, it is applied to the send window. If the day is listed in grey, it is omitted from the send window. The below example indicates a send window for only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday option selected for the Day in Send Window section

    If you wanted the send window applied for each day of the week, simply leave each day selected.

    Monday through Friday option selected for the Day in Send Window section

  4. Select the desired time for your send window by dragging the slider for your desired start time. Send windows will inherently be listed in 3 hour periods, so just select the start time. For instance, if you wanted a send window of 6AM-9AM, select 6AM and the 3 hour period will automatically be applied for you.

    Click and drag the time slider to your desired time

    Once complete, click the "Apply" button.

    Click Apply

  5. Beneath the "Send Window" section is the "Message Options". Here, you can check off the option to "Send messages based on each subscriber's local time" as well as "Apply these days and times to ALL messages in this list".

    Message Options section

  6. Last, click the "Save Changes" button.

    green Save Changes button and gray Cancel button

That's it! Now, the settings will be updated for your follow up message.

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